Safe holidays in Villas and holiday homes in Croatia

In time of Covid-19 pandemic the first thing we think of when we plan our holidays is safety. How to travel safe and how to stay safe on our holidays. We would like to avoid crowded places and just enjoy carefree holidays. In the following article we would like to tell you why on our opinion holidays in villas and homes is one of the safest options you can choose.

In Croatia, on Island Krk we can offer you a number of holiday homes and villas where you will feel relaxed and will not worry about any of problems we were dealing with in the past year. You will just come and enjoy your private accommodation.

Why holidays in villas are safe option?

Strict cleanliness measures: every villa or holiday home is cleaned at the highest safety level. Before every guests, all rooms are disinfected and aired, so that every new guests entering facilities can feel safe.

Privacy and safety: every property we rent out is reserved only for you. This means you will not be sharing your villa or home facility with anyone outside your family or group. If you wish we can also offer contact free check-in. This means you will not need to worry about your safety when enjoying your holidays in your holiday villa or home.

Low-density locations: Our properties are located in small villages all over Island Krk where density of population is small. On the trails outside villages, you will not need to worry about other tourists, as you will for sure only see a few.

Beaches: There are several beaches all over Island Krk. Some are closer to cities and villages, but there are also several hidden jams you can discover and find isolated, hidden place by the sea just for you. If you have a boat, this is even a bigger advantage, as some of this beaches are only accessible by boat so you ca never easier find a less frequent area to relax.

Safety measures in Croatia: Croatia is also adopting very strict safety measures to avoid any new outburst of Covid-19. Croatia as touristic country is educating all tourist workers to take all possible safety measures to ensure safe environment for all guests arriving to Croatia. To have a better overview over the current Covid-19 situation in Croatia you can always check: Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Q&A (

With all taken measures we know you will be able to feel safe and enjoy your holidays in Croatia. After a long year of restrictions we all earn a good vacation.

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