General terms & conditions


These general conditions and instructions are an integral part of the agreement, in other words, of the reservation (which is manifested in the electronic reservation order and the electronic confirmation of the reservation and advance payment) between the company Adria Villas d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as Adria Villas) and to guests applying for the rental of a particular holiday home or holiday apartment (hereinafter referred to as accommodation). In the event that an individual offer states otherwise regarding any point of these general conditions and instructions, the statement or the provision in the offer shall apply. Adria Villas provides services in accordance with the published information, description, date and confirmed reservation, except in case of exceptional circumstances (government action, war, political and other disturbances, civil disputes, industrial disagreements, labour disputes, strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, theft, epidemics, pandemics, other diseases, breakdowns or breakdowns of equipment, weather conditions, quarantines, health or customs regulations, technical or administrative problems with transport, airport closures, ferry timetable changes, vehicle breakdowns, water shortages and other changes which we cannot affect). Adria Villas is not obliged to provide a refund (advance and/or the remaining amount, the total amount of the accommodation) if you cannot use the accommodation due to force majeure, which does not prevent the provision of the accommodation service.


Please note that despite the fact that you have entered into an accommodation rental service with us, Adria Villas acts in this process in the name and on behalf of its partners – accommodation owners. Therefore, at the moment of the arranging accommodation, you as a guest enter into a contractual relationship with our partner who bear all contractual rights and obligations and who are obliged to provide you with the service of accommodation, as you request it and in terms of its capabilities that we have presented to you.

Neither Adria Villas nor its partners are responsible for the acts or omissions of any governmental body, its officers or employees, or any employee or agent of airlines, ticket vendors, other ground carriers, shipping companies or operators, cruise or ferry operators, any carriers , hoteliers or other accommodation providers, all other providers of tourist services, tourist guides, travel agencies and / or providers of catering services, other goods and services with whom you made arrangements during your stay in the accommodation from our, offer over which Adria Villas (including any affiliates and related parties) or its partners have no direct control.

Adria Villas shall not be liable for any injury, loss, death, inconvenience, delay, damage to personal property or other damage related to the provision of any goods or services, whether or not caused by, but not limited to: force majeure , disease, pandemics and epidemics, war crimes, civil disturbances, riots, damage caused by animals, strikes or other labour activities, any criminal or terrorist acts, overbooking or poor service, food poisoning, mechanical or other breakdowns of aircraft or other means of transport or cancellation of any other transport mechanism to ensure timely arrival or departure, and any events beyond the control and / or influence of Adria Villas. For example, Adria Villas will not be responsible for the inability to use the accommodation due to the decisions of third parties and thus for the refund of any sums received from the guest, nor will they be obligated to provide a change to the already agreed date of the accommodation. Decision on refund of possible amounts or change of dates in – already agreed accommodation – depends on the will of the owner with whom the accommodation is being agreed upon.

If Adria Villas has assisted you in any way in booking a service provider, your relationship with that provider is subject to the terms and conditions applicable to such providers regarding matters that cannot be expressly covered by our contract with such provide, and in particular to applicable laws, requirements and policies of any government, government agency or employee, including visa, entry, exit or transit.

Adria Villas is not responsible for any conditions or requirements of any third party providing you with a particular service during your holiday, other than the accommodation service. If you decide to not visit any country or part of the country you intended to visit because of any law, condition or requirement of any government, official or agent, you alone are responsible for all costs and fees, loss or damage arising therefrom and any cancellation or change charges.

Adria Villas shall not be liable for any injury, loss, complaint, damage or any special, exemplary, punitive, indirect or consequential damages of any kind (including but not limited to lost profits) related to the performance or non-performance of any passenger, service provider, whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, non-performance resulting from the bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, dissolution or liquidation of the travel service provider. In case of non-eviction resulting from the bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, dissolution or liquidation of the travel service provider, your claim must be addressed to the travel service provider and not to Adria Villas, its representatives or partners.

Upon arrival, the guest is obligated to hand over the reservation confirmation document or voucher to the owner of the accommodation facility and personal documents of all guests in the individual facility to the service provider, so that the host can carry out the statutory registration of guests at the competent local tourist organization. The company Adria Villas sends travel documents to the guest (booking confirmation or voucher and notification or instructions before the trip) by e-mail before arrival at the accommodation, if an advance payment or the entire service has been paid, if this is indicated in the offer, but most often this happens at the time of booking. The guest is obligated to check whether they need a visa to enter the country of the selected holiday destination. In case of non-compliance with these obligations, the guest bears the costs and responsibility for own damage. Information about the time of arrival and the time of departure to the accommodation is listed on the reservation confirmation or on the voucher.

It is possible that some partners have special terms and conditions in relation to their properties which will apply to your accommodation in addition to these terms. Adria Villas will inform you about this during the process of concluding the contract for accommodation. In the event of any inconsistencies between our partner's terms and these terms, the partner's terms will prevail, unless the partner's terms oppose the law or are unenforceable, in which case our terms will prevail. In addition, Adria Villas partners have house rules, i.e. terms of use accommodation, which must be respected and will be presented to you in the accommodation.

The guest uses accommodations and other services at their own risk. Adria Villas does not assume any responsibility if the guest or their belongings are damaged, or if the guest causes damage to the accommodation facilities. The company Adria Villas also does not assume responsibility for inconveniences caused by temporary power outages, interruption of gas supply, non-functioning sewerage, water supply and similar consequences of force majeure. In facilities with a pool, the guest uses the pool at their own risk and assumes responsibility for the supervision of minor children. Pools in facilities are not fenced, do not have a security guard/lifeguard and are deeper in certain areas. Adria Villas company also does not assume any responsibility for the use of the beach next to the facility. The guest is informed that the beaches do not have lifeguards and is therefore fully responsible for their actions and supervision of minor children near and in the sea. By making a reservation, the guest undertakes to pay the costs to the host on the spot if they cause damage to the host (e.g. to the inventory). Any complaints from neighbours or the competent local authorities regarding excessive noise and night-time disturbance are grounds for the host to request the guest to vacate the accommodation without reimbursement.


Reservations, agreements, payments and cancellations regarding accommodation are accepted exclusively electronically. When making a reservation, the guest provides all the information necessary to make the reservation (in most cases, this includes first and last name, number of participants, email address and phone number). If there are more people in the accommodation unit than are listed on the document (voucher), the person leasing the accommodation has the right to dismiss unannounced guests. By making a reservation (paying an advance payment), the guest confirms that they are familiar with the General Terms and Conditions and that they fully agree with them. The guest can become familiar with the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions on the Adria Villas website.

When visiting our website, contacting us on the website, sending us an e-mail or contacting us by phone, you communicate with us electronically, this means that you express your will to enter into an electronic form of communication with Adria Villas.

The process of concluding a contract/accommodation agreement takes place exclusively by e-mail or using the instant booking option on our website (for more information on this, see the explanations below). We also use the electronic form of communication to deliver all notices, announcements, information etc., that are necessary for arrival.

Accommodation reservations are made exclusively by e-mail or via the Instant reservation option on our website. Regarding the first option, we will send you an offer for a stay in the chosen accommodation by e-mail, which you can only accept by email. You will provide the information we need to conclude the accommodation contract via e-mail. Otherwise, the agreement/contract is not concluded.

You can complete the entire process of concluding the agreement/contract (including the delivery of the necessary data) via the Instant booking option on our website.

Information can be obtained by phone, but accommodation cannot be booked. Please note that the number of guests must be specified at the time of reservation, which must not exceed the maximum determined by the conditions of the individual accommodation.

Please note that you are responsible for providing us with accurate and truthful information. If you do not provide correct and true information, you are responsible for all costs, i.e. consequences arising from incorrect information.


The price includes the basic service as described on the Adria Villas website. In the accommodation unit, basic hygiene items are available, and after using them, the guest provides their own. Accommodation prices are published in Euro. Company Adria Villas reserves the right to change the published prices (in the event of a price change by the person providing the service or due to a change in the exchange rate), but must provide the price of the accommodation that was listed on offer for guests who have already paid an advance for a specific reservation. For certain accommodations, a special surcharge is required for final cleaning and tourist tax, which will be specifically indicated in the offer.

All accommodations from our offer are published on our website. There is a detailed description of the contents, location and price for each accommodation, and corresponding photos of the accommodation are also attached.

Adria Villas reserves the right to change the price list of services and information without prior publication on the website. Changes to the price list of accommodation and services will in no case affect already made reservations and/or contractual accommodation.

In the event of a price error or any other omission, Adria Villas reserves the right to adjust prices or make any other corrections. The costs of water, gas, electricity, internet, maintenance of the swimming pool and outdoor areas, as well as the use of bed linen, towels and tea towels, etc. are included in the accommodation price. Prices include VAT.

Some properties charge additional services, such as final cleaning of the interior, heating of the pool, presence of pets, tourist tax, etc., separately. The services that are charged additionally will be listed separately in the special conditions of each accommodation. Therefore, when choosing accommodation, please familiarize yourself with the services that are not included in the price of accommodation.


After confirming the offer and selecting the accommodation and expected period of stay, Adria Villas will send you a payment offer with the amount of a non-refundable advance payment to your email address. The advance payment is included in the price of the stay. You are obligated to pay the advance within the deadline specified on the offer.

The accommodation is considered reserved after the payment of the advance. Once the payment is confirmed on our bank account, we will send you a booking confirmation which will contain information about the booking, the amount paid and the amount still to be paid.

Regarding the payment of the remaining amount of the price to the accommodation, please note that the terms of payment differ depending on the selected accommodation. Namely, since the accommodations are not owned by us, but by our partners, the method of payment of the remaining price depends on the conditions of the partner (e.g. the partner requires payment of the remaining price on arrival in cash, some request payment 21 days before arrival). Therefore we are kindly asking you to check this in the offer or contact us by email if you are interested in the method of payment of the remaining price of the accommodation for a specific accommodation.

The final invoice for accommodation services will be issued directly by partner of Adria Villas and delivered to you after the completion of the accommodation service. An invoice will be issued for the full amount of the accommodation price (including the full amount of the advance payment).

Adria Villas accepts advance payment by credit card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) or by bank transfer. If the conditions of the accommodation state that the remaining amount must be paid before arrival, this must be done by bank transfer in accordance with the conditions of the accommodation.

If you pay by bank transfer, you are responsible for all bank transaction costs. The full payment for your accommodation must be transferred to the Adria Villas bank account.

Adria Villas uses WSPay for online payments. WSPay is a secure online payment system where payments are made in real time with credit and debit cards and other payment methods. WSPay provides the buyer and the merchant with secure entry and transfer of entered card data, which is confirmed by the PCI DSS certificate held by WSPay. WSPay uses a 256-bit encryption SSL certificate and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest level of data protection when entering and transferring data.


If the guest wants to change or cancel a reservation that was made at their request, they must do so in writing (via e-mail). Changes are considered to be a change in the number of persons or a change in the date of the start and/or end of use of the accommodation or services, and must be notified no later than 31 days before starting to use the service. In the event that it is not possible to change the reservation and the guest cancels the confirmed reservation for this reason, the conditions for cancellation of the reservation listed below are taken into account.

Changing the reservation is possible only for the reserved accommodation facility, which means that it cannot be used for another accommodation. Therefore, a reservation change is only possible for already booked accommodation.

In case of cancellation of the accommodation, the advance payment and the rest of the price of the accommodation will not be returned, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

If you do not pay the 30% advance within the deadline stated on the offer, Adria Villas will cancel your reservation.

If you do not pay the remaining 70% of the price of the accommodation within the deadlines, which you will be informed about when agreeing on the accommodation and by confirmation, Adria Villas reserves the right to cancel the accommodation service, keeping the full amount of the advance payment. In any case, in situations where you are obligated to pay the rest of the price of the accommodation before arriving at the accommodation, Adria Villas will remind you in due time regarding such obligation, in order for the accommodation to not be cancelled.


Adria Villas and the partner reserve the right to change or cancel the reservation in the event of circumstances beyond their control, such as (illness or death of the partner or his immediate family, as well as extraordinary circumstances that cannot be foreseen or eliminated natural circumstances, disasters such as earthquakes, floods, sanitary disruptions, fires, droughts, wars, strikes, acts of terrorism and government-enacted restrictions, travel bans and similar acts of God), sale of the accommodation facility or change of ownership of the accommodation facility.

If Adria Villas or a partner cancels the reservation, the guest is not entitled to any compensation from the company and the company is only obliged to return the already paid amount of rent. Adria Villas reserves the right to cancel the reservation and will immediately inform the guest of the situation. Adria Villas company will try, as part of good business practice, to provide the guest with information about services that are not otherwise offered, with the aim of facilitating the situation.


Some partners may require a security deposit for their accommodation for insurance against any damage, accidental damage or similar events caused by your negligence, loss of property, extra cleaning or outstanding bills that may occur during your stay. At the same time and in the event that such damage occurs and exceeds the amount of the security deposit, you are responsible for reimbursing the partner for the entire cost of the resulting damage.

We will confirm any requests for the amount of the security deposit during the accommodation reservation process or the accommodation agreement/contract.

Before leaving the accommodation, the partner will assess whether the security deposit needs to be returned or kept and in what amount. If this is not possible due to early/late departures, the inspection of the accommodation will be carried out after your departure, and the partner will transfer the refund of the deposit to your account at a later date. Adria Villas reserves the right to contact you later if it is found during the inspection of the accommodation that, in addition to the partner keeping the entire amount of the deposit, you also have to pay an additional difference to the actual amount of the damage.

If you discover any problems or damages upon arrival, you must immediately report them to your partner or agency to avoid misunderstandings after your stay.


Adria Villas is not responsible for damaged, destroyed or lost luggage, as well as for theft of luggage or valuables located in the accommodation facility or with another service provider. Lost luggage or theft can be reported to the owner of the accommodation facility or to the police station.


A valid passport or identity card (for EU citizens) is required to enter Croatia. We advise you to check your passport and/or ID before confirming your reservation or arranging your accommodation to see if it will remain valid until the end of the trip. It is recommended that the passengers accompanying you do the same. Adria Villas is not responsible if you cannot use the accommodation service due to inadequate travel and/or personal documents.

We also advise you to check with the relevant embassy before booking whether you need a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia. Adria Villas is not responsible if you cannot use the accommodation service due to failure to meet the conditions for obtaining a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia.


You are obligated to comply with customs and foreign exchange regulations. If you cannot continue your journey due to non-compliance with the regulations, you shall bear all the costs and consequences that arise as a result.


Adria Villas is not obligated to provide you or your accompanying passengers with travel insurance for the purposes of their stay at the accommodation.

Obtaining travel insurance is not a condition for concluding an accommodation contract. Employees of Adria Villas are also not qualified, authorized or obligated to answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions and conditions of any offered insurance, nor to assess the suitability of the existing insurance company of the covered insured person.


If you have a specific medical condition that causes problems for you while travelling and you are considering travelling, we advise you to consult your doctor in advance. This applies particularly if the medical condition requires daily routine care, emergency care or if it is a high-risk pregnancy.

Adria Villas and its partners cannot provide medical services or emergency care in case of need. As passengers, you are responsible for all risks, incidents or consequences that arise during your stay at the accommodation and are related to your medical or otherwise difficult physical condition.

Adria Villas is also not obligated to provide health insurance for you or your companions during your stay at the accommodation. Employees of Adria Villas are not qualified, authorized or obligated to answer technical questions about the benefits, exclusions and conditions of any offered insurance or to assess the suitability of the existing insurance company of the covered insured person.


In the event that the services were performed with poor quality and contrary to the description on the website, the guest must immediately notify Adria Villas and the partner of this deficiency, thereby giving them the opportunity to correct the deficiency or error. In the event that the guest cannot find the partner/host or is not satisfied with the solution to the problem, they must immediately inform Adria Villas, otherwise they are not entitled to compensation. The guest must immediately report inadequate service or deficiencies to the service provider by e-mail at or by calling +386 31 348 339. The guest is obligated to cooperate with the service provider with a good intention to remove the causes of the complaint. If the guest does not accept the offered solution on the spot which conforms to the paid service, Adria Villas is not obligated to consider further complaints of the guest. If the problem is not resolved despite the efforts of the service provider, Adria Villas, the partner and the guest, the guest must send a written complaint, no later than in 30 days, together with a certificate from the service provider that the complaint was filed with him without success, with the attached documents and photos proving the validity of the complaints, to the Adria Villas office by e-mail at The company Adria Villas will immediately address fully documented complaints where the cause has not been resolved during the vacation and have arrived within 30 days, and they will send an answer and possible compensation within the legal deadline of 14 days. The maximum compensation based on the agreement/reservation is limited to the amount of the rental price and can only be the amount for the advertised partial services, but it cannot include the service already used, nor the entire amount. This excludes the right of the guest to ideal compensation for damage.


The guest and Adria Villas will solve all problems by mutual agreement in a peaceful way and will always act in accordance with good business practices and the principles of good faith and honesty. In case of intractable situations, both parties will try again to resolve the misunderstanding in a peaceful and nice way. Only if the situation cannot be resolved will they decide to seek the help of the competent court.

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