Authentic wine from island Krk – Vrbnička Žlahtina

If you would ask anyone on Island Krk, if they can point out the most authentic drink produced on Island Krk, they would say Vrbnička Žlahtina. Vrbnička Žlahtina is a quality white wine produced only on Krk in vicinity of town Vrbnik. If you drive there to the town of Vrbnik, road will take you through 211 hectares of fields where grapes for this authentic white vine are grown.

The golden-green grapes are transformed into Vrbnik Žlahtina - a smooth white wine with a light refreshing taste of discreet varietal aroma enriched with floral notes of wild rowan berries, immortelle and apples.

We recommend everyone traveling to Krk to visit beautiful city of Vrbnik and to have a taste of Vrbnička Žlahtina in one of many vine cellars offering tastings of this authentic white vine.

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