Dog friendly beaches

If you like to take your dog with you on vacation and worry that he will not be able to have refreshing jump in the water, this will for sure not be the case if you travel on Island Krk, as you can find several dog friendly beaches all around the Island. For you to have a worry free vacation, we prepared a list of beaches you can visit with your four-legged best friend. If you have not chosen your pet friendly holiday rental, you can find some options here:

1. Redagara - the city of Krk: A small rocky dog beach that is equipped with showers and garbage cans. Woods surround the beach, which makes a lot of shade.

2. Vela plaža – Baška: Just as the name says, 'Vela' - (huge, large in native Croatian) this beach is almost 2 kilometres long and there is a dog section. The beach has all of the necessary tourist content. On this beach, you can find numerous facilities, such as showers, bars, shops, sports facilities and sport renting facilities.

3. Kijac – Njivice: This pebbly dog beach is only 200 meters away from the main beach in the city of Kijac. Pine wood forest makes the perfect shade!

4. Mala Krasa – Punat: Pebbly beach located 500 meters from the beach Debilj in Punat. There is a lot of room for visitors with pets!

5. Mala Javna – Vrbnik: A smaller dog beach not far away from the city of Vrbnik, does not offer any extra services so it is important to bring food and water with you. It is connected with the city through a gravel road.

6. Punta Šilo – Šilo: Pebbly beach at the very end of the place Šilo. Only 250 meters from the beach there is a parking lot and a restaurant.

7. Soline Bay – Čižići: Smaller beach with shade located between Čižići and beach of Rudine. The beach itself does not offer extra services, but it is possible to park the car near the beach.

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