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Local kitchen on the island of Krk

The island of Krk is famous for its beautiful nature and exceptional monuments, and you can also indulge your palate and enjoy delicious food. Authentic or international cuisine, traditional dishes with a touch of modernity, starters, main courses, sweet, salty or sour - just as you wish. If you are looking for a gastronomic adventure, we give you more than enough reasons to visit the island of Krk!

Šurlice, original pasta.

A must on Krk is šurlice, traditional fresh handmade pasta. The name šurlica comes from the Croatian word for elephant, which the shape of this pasta resembles. In the past, dishes with šurlica were prepared and served only on special occasions such as weddings and holidays.

They are made of dough wrapped around a long needle or wooden stick and shaped to look like the tusk of an elephant. Šurlice were usually combined with meat stew, but today they are also prepared with seafood and various other sauces. You can find them in almost every restaurant on Krk.

Zlahtina, prosciutto and cheese

The choice of wines and cheeses on Krk is wide and of very good quality, especially if you combine both with local prosciutto. Žlahtina is a Croatian white grape variety from which the wine of the same name is made. This vine grows mainly on the island of Krk, especially near Vrbnik. An excellent white noble wine is a dry, clear wine with a fresh aroma and balanced acidity, which is why it goes well with many dishes, especially homemade ones.

You can try prosciutto in many places, but the local Krški prosciutto is really special. In Dalmatia, prosciutto is dried and smoked together with the skin, in Istria it is dried without the skin and in Krk the two are combined in a unique way. They leave the skin on the prosciutto, do not smoke it and dry it slowly in a natural way in the cold winter wind. The result is a tender prosciutto with a rich flavour that you simply must try!

The untouched nature of the island of Krk is ideal for raising sheep and grazing cows and goats. With the help of delicious Karst cheeses, usually made by local farmers according to traditional recipes, you will learn about the advantages of natural farming. Sheep's cheese is particularly noteworthy, but you are sure to be impressed by the local cow's and goat's cheese as well. Whether grated or sliced, together with prosciutto and wine you will delight your palate.


You can feel the flavours of nature not only in cheese, but also in meat, especially the famous Karst lamb. Delicious meat dishes are prepared in many ways, from lamb stew (often served with Šurlica) to traditional under the oven.

Kvarner prawns, seafood

Fresh seafood is also an important part of Karst cuisine, from which many local dishes are prepared. There are fish soups, risottos, salads and stews with squid, octopus and the list goes on. Kvarner prawns are undoubtedly worth the sin, as they have the reputation of being the biggest and tastiest on the entire Adriatic!


The sweets traditionally prepared here are also made from fresh ingredients from the region. The island is famous for desserts made from dried figs and Krsk cheese. One of the most popular sweets is presnac, a traditional delicacy made with fresh cheese. Fritule and Kroštule are delicious desserts most often prepared during the winter holidays.

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